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We will realize medical advances in the field of cell therapy, aim to overcome intractable diseases and contribute to the world.
Our company was established by high philosophical construct following Prof. Tokyo Jikei Medical School, Dr. Tsuneya Ohono’s philosophy, chanting DNA medicine for overcoming the refractory disease like malignant cancer, in which the fusion cells between dendritic cells and cancer cells was used for cancer vaccine. His philosophy is to uptake the advanced world medical research and to make the way from basic medical research to clinical medicine as soon as possible. He is also saying that we should not be caught up in stereo type ideas and challenge the development of new science for cancer treatment. This his strong philosophy is still alive in our company. Our fusion cell vaccine was originally come from the research of Harvard University Medical School where he worked with Prof. Dr. D. Kief. We hope that we will open the market all over the world for helping the cancer patients as the one of the medical venture company.

Koichi Okubo, President & CEO

Company name   Cell Therapy Technology Institution (Inc.)
English name   CyTIX, Inc.
Address   Terada Building7F 2 – 3 – 3 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 Japan
Established   September 10, 2010
Capital   26.25 million yen
Management   Koichi Okubo, President & CEO
Accounting period   March
No. of employees   14
Business   Development of fusion cell vaccines and deployment technology Management support of fusion cellular treatment medical organization
Stock shares   Not listed
Telephone   03 – 5733 – 4662
FAX   03 – 5733 – 4663
Graduated from the Department of Economics, Hitotsubashi University. MBA at Southern California University (Masters in Management). Worked for Sumitomo Bank for 15 years (Resided in Hong Kong for 7 years), PWC Consulting, PCCW Japan, Caliber International, and was an independent International Business consultant. Appointed as Executive Director of the company in July 2011. Appointed as President & CEO in June 2016.
Completed a Masters from the Graduate School (Electric Engineering) at Tokyo University and also a Masters in Engineering. Employed by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Also served as a room chief of Fine Ceramics of Life Industry and Commercial Engineering Director of Ministry of Tohoku Trading, and currently retired. President at Total Energy Supply Company (Marushin Co., Ltd.). Served as the President of Land Transportation Company (East and West Shipping Company), the President of Life Technology Institution, and visiting professor at Nagaoka Science Technology University and the Graduate School of Business Creation. After the Chugoku and Shin-etsu Great Earthquake, served as a committee chair of the Disaster Recovery Special Measurement Committee. Appointed to Board of Directors in September 2010.
Graduated from the Department of Environmental Information, Keio University. Employed by CyTIX,Inc. in January 2016 and appointed to Board of Directors in June 2016.
Graduated from Tohoku University, Faculty of Science. PhD at The University of Pennsylvania. Researcher at Wister Institute, The University of Pennsylvania, Biochemistry Assistant at McGill University, Researcher at the Endocrinology Institute, Hamburg University, School of Medicine, Director at Cellular Engineering Center of Meiji Milk Products Co., Ltd., President of Bio Venture Company (Cell Signals Co., Ltd.). Specialist in Biochemistry. Appointed as Executive Director of the company in September 2010. Appointed as the President & CEO from September 2011 through June 2016. Current chairman of the company

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